Review of prominent soccer betting sites on the market

Soccer betting sites Prestige is always a place that bettors seek. So let’s introduce the TOP 3 playgrounds worth experiencing below.

Review of prominent soccer betting sites on the market

Football betting sites Quality is always a safe destination for bettors to come and play regularly. With the situation of bookmakers “growing like mushrooms”, it is not easy for you to choose a reputable and transparent entertainment address.The Cacuoc88 will review for everyone the TOP 3 outstanding playgrounds worth trying on the market.

FUN88 belongs to the football betting sites worth trying

In operation since 2008, up to now FUN88 has had 14 years of business in this field.area entertainment betting. This bookmaker is operated by OG GLOBAL ACCESS LIMITED. FUN88 has received it paper License in the betting segment from PAGCOR (international betting management organization).

This entertainment address is cooperating with many giants in the gaming field such as Microgaming, Crown Casino, One Works, Playtech, Betsoft, Gold Deluxe, Entwine, Bodog… From there, it brings players a series of products. impressive game.

In addition, FUN88 cooperates and sponsors many big teams such as Burnley, Newcastle United, Tottenham Hotspur, OG -DOTA 2. In addition, this brand name has invited world-famous sports stars such as Robbie Fowler, Daren Sammy, Steve Nash became promotional ambassadors.

FUN88 is in the top soccer betting sites you should try

Safe soccer betting sites like VN88

Even though it just appeared not long ago VN88 has received countless compliments and appreciation for its quality and reputation. Up to now, the number of members of the house has reached more than 1 million people. That alone is probably enough to confirm the appeal of this place.

Since its operation, VN88 has outlined clear goals and directions, the house has focused on development thrive strong in the Vietnamese betting market. With the website icon being an image of a red flag with a yellow star, that is enough to see that this is a betting site with a strong Vietnamese identity.

Besides focusing on designing interfaces and icons, VN88 pays great attention to developing games specifically for Vietnamese people. Some interesting games such as sports betting, fish shooting, coin tossing, card games…

Thanks to investing in the right focus and having clear goals, this house is taking solid and correct steps on the path of online entertainment game business. VN88 is also gradually becoming a place for online betting head for Vietnamese people.

VN88 is a safe soccer betting site for players

BK8 is in the top of prominent soccer betting sites

BK8 is a name that is no longer strange to the community of betting lovers in Asia. The bookmaker has obtained a legal operating license issued by the famous organization GC-Gaming Curacao in the Philippines.

BK8 playground has its headquarters located in Malta and went into official operation in 2015. The age of this bookmaker compared to other famous brands is quite small. However, after more than 5 years of establishment, the playground has affirmed its position by establishing a solid foothold in countries such as Indonesia, China, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.

Another factor that proves the strong development of BK8 is that it has a large number of members no less than other long-standing bookmakers. In particular, this entertainment address also has the talented captain – Robin Van Persie of the Dutch football team as the representative face. The playground is also the main sponsor of the Spanish Football Federation.

BK8 is extremely familiar to betting lovers


Soccer betting sites Introduced above are the TOP 3 reputable playgrounds worth trying on the market. Hopefully this information will help you choose the best “shared house” for yourself. If you want to know more information about more reputable betting sites, please visit now!

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